Monday, 31 October 2016

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can says our community is for you and me, when we respect it  it's a cool place to be!

We kicked off with singing Happy Birthday to two of our class members, who turned 11 yesterday and today.

Prisoners and Prison Guards.
12 people each sat on a chair, which were placed in a circle. The people in the middle, on a seat need to somehow swap places with somebody else. They might wink at them to get their attention. The prison guards are standing behind the chairs. The Prison Guards have their hands on their own shoulders. They need to try to tap the prisoner on the shoulder before they change seats.

We got into groups to brainstorm ways we can show respect in the community.
After we had got our ideas down on paper, we had use them to create a cool chant to share the message we've comer up with to the group.

(We were being watched for participation... We needed to be involved to show respect to our team!)

The library:
 Kiwican says Read your book. If you don't respect the staff, you'll be kicked out!

The Supermarket:
At the supermarket, walk nicely and don't drop the food.

The Playground:
At the playground, pick up litter and play with lonely people.

The Mall:
Kiwican says... Don't touch, don't steal. Respect your mall and keep it cool.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Kiwi Can

We are learning about Respect this term.

We played a game called "Reuse It"
When Nate dropped the prop, he counted to 10... Each group had 10 seconds to come up with a way use the prop for something different.
You earned points for new ideas...  If it had already been used, the audience said: "Nice Try, Say Goodbye".

The prop was a cone...
A musical instrument

Be there means to be there for your learning, being there for others.
We can be there for others by helping them when they need it... by being supportive.

Our four values:
Choose an attitude might be listening to others. Showing kindness by helping others. If someone is sitting on the friendship chair, we could ask them to play with us.

Make their day might mean pushing in a chair for someone. It could be just saying "Hi" or giving them a confident. Offer to help carry their load... laugh at their jokes ;-)

Play might be doing your learning but make it fun. Trying something new.

In the playground, we need to be respectful of the equipment and the other people using it.

We got into teams. Each team was given a value and we had to develop a role play to show it. The criteria was:
- Everybody had to be involved.
- The value had to be obvious.
- It had to be funny.
Play - Collaborated to make an animation to share their learning.
Make their day

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Calendar Art

To coincide with our Art Gallery Trip, we have been doing a variety of artworks to produce our annual calendar art. We were able to choose from four different options this year.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Christchurch Art Gallery

At the end of last term, the Senior Syndicate went to the Christchurch Art Gallery. We learnt a lot about different types of artwork, some that we may not have even thought of as art before.