Friday, 23 September 2016

Powertime jigsaw puzzles

For Powertime this term we were learning about persistence, which is all about not giving up. These puzzles were extremely hard to do.

 Many kids and some teachers, thanks Mr H, spent time putting pieces together. 
The winning home room for this activity was Room 8! Congratulations.
Room 8

Room 7
Room 6


Wednesday, 21 September 2016


On Wednesday afternoons half of the Syndicate have been in Kapa Haka and the other half in Drama. For Drama, with Mrs Currie, we have been looking at how use our bodies to show a character or emotion. We learnt how to move in creative ways, work as a team and hold a pose for a length of time.

We focused on the Olympics and each group had to create a tableau highlighting an Olympic moment in time.

Can you guess what the sports are that a represented in the photos?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ella's Orange First Orange Tip!

This week Miss McLeod's green reading group have been reading a book on Karate and looking at the skill of questioning. Ella brought in her karate belts to share with her literacy group to help answer any questions. 
She just had her grading and received her orange tips for her yellow belt.

Well done Ella! Ka Pai!

Here is Robbie's blog post about the story we read. Check it out!

Compund Sentences

In writing this week with Mrs McGuinniety we have been learning how to write a compound sentence. We used the word "and" to join to sentences together.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Kiwi Can Party

We had a quiz, featuring different topics... General knowledge, sport, music, movies, games
It took us a while to come up with team names! 
We had fantastic food!
Matua busted some moves during a brain break!
An impromptu disco happened...

Material technology

We have been had at work, learning about materials. 
Kade has made a Chihuahua house and bed. Aside from learning to make the exterior, he had to learn to sew as well.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Goal setting

Today at Kiwi Can, we talked about goal setting. It is important to set goals so that we know what we have to do. We can set short term or long term goals. 

We began by playing "Noodle in a hoop". We lined up in two lines. We numbered off... Then when our number was called, we had to run to the middle. If we got the bat and could take it back to our line, we got a point. If the other person got the bat, but we tagged them, we got a point. Some people chose to let the other person pick the bat up, then we tagged them and got a point.
I am resilient, I am strong, I face my fears... Bring it on!

For our activity, we played a modified version of last weeks game. We had to persevere to get 10 in the towel. We had to set goals and work together to achieve our goals. We had to solve the problems to get their too.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Our village springing up...

We had some nasty ex-pupils damage our bird house in the tree outside our classroom. A starling had made its home inside.
Cameron has been hard at work fixing it and creating another one as well.
We now have a village in the trees!
This new and improved model was made by Cameron

Go noodle

What to do on a Friday afternoon. When it's too wet for sport....
I get loose... I get funky..

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Welcome Nicky!

While it's sad to see Katie go, today was our first session with our new Kiwican leader, Nicki. 
We are learning about Resilience. Resilience means persisting... Keep. Trying and don't give up!
I have brains in my head, I have feet in my shoes. I can steer myself in any direction I choose.
We played tricky tag, a favourite in the South Hornby Seniors.
We had to show resilience by persevering when things got hard and just carrying on. We had to be patient and wait for our turn. Waiting without getting angry or frustrated.

We need to persevere, persist and practice.

We had to persist with trying to pass a beanbag between people with tea towels...
We made lots of links to when we need to be patient and persevere in the classroom.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Extending our learning outside the classroom

Today, we Skyped Jess, from Core Education. We are preparing to be speakers for the Canterbury DigiAwards. Jess is one of the organisers.